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Neon Spark Youth Theatre Company is the resident youth program of Poor Richard's Players.  Their goal is to develop young people’s life skills in a theatrical setting in order to cultivate competent, productive, and happy members of the community.


Our Mission

The purpose of The Neon Spark Youth Theatre is to develop the life skills of young people in a theatrical setting in order to cultivate confident, productive, and happy members of the community. We offer classes, productions, and other dynamic arts education opportunities for young people.


Every dollar of support helps us provide unique and well rounded programming for our participants.If you are interested in in-kind donations

  • The Neon Spark Youth Theatre accepts donations via check, cash, Venmo, and Zelle.

Other ways to give

  • Scholarships: We are dedicated to providing access to all interested students and families. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring scholarships to cover some or all of the costs of classes and tickets.



Neon Spark Student Company
Ages 10-18

$300 per year ($100 annual registration fee, plus 2 $100 classes)


The Company is a core group of enthusiastic theater students, interested in all aspects of a theatrical education. Performance, scenery, lighting, sound, costuming, and front of house; students will have opportunities to experience each of these.Accepted students will have the option to stay with the Company through high school graduation. In that time they will be encouraged to seek challenges, responsibility, and collaboration.


Company meetings are held every Monday during the academic year. Members are expected to attend every Monday meeting, take two specialized skill classes per year, and participate in every Neon Spark production (either onstage or backstage).

Upcoming Classes

Stay tuned for new dates on upcoming classes


Stay tuned for future announcements





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